Lesbian Couple Chased Out Of A Restroom After Being Mistaken For Men

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

A lesbian couple on a movie date at a Cineworld branch in London were kicked out of a restroom after a security guard mistook them for men.

Tracey Seaton and her partner of seven months, Keira Williams, had just finished watching “Annie” when they decided to visit the restroom before leaving the movie theater. 

"Just like most people, we went to the toilet after the film. It seems strange to say, but since we're women we went to the women's bathroom,” Seaton told Mirror.

"But when we were washing our hands, this horrible guard came in and told us to get out. He said 'don't you know this is the women's bathroom.’”

The couple was stunned by their treatment. "I've never been so angry and embarrassed in my entire life. He was adamant we were in the wrong toilet, and kept insisting on it,” she said.

Staff at Cineworld, upon discovering how the women were treated, gave the couple a £20 gift vouchers and two free movie tickets. Seaton and Williams decided to reject the offer and demanded Cineworld train their staff on how to handle situations like theirs.

"It was quite intimidating, and the guard didn't even bother to apologise. This is the first time either of us have ever experienced anything like it. It's disgusting,” Williams said.

Source: Mirror/ Imaga via Mirror