Conservative Radio Host Compares Gay Activists To Paris Terrorists (Audio)

| by Michael Allen

Fox News contributor and blogger Erick Erickson discussed the Paris terrorist attack on his radio show on Wednesday and came to some unusual conclusions.

Erickson was upset about Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed's decision to terminate the city's fire chief Kelvin Cochran for distributing his self-published anti-gay book among employees and for publicly speaking about the situation after agreeing not to during an ongoing investigation.

“[Cochran's] religious [beliefs] are not the basis of the problem,” Reed said on Monday, noted the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "His judgment is the basis of the problem."

Erickson blamed gay activists for the firing and called them "terrorists," comparing them to the Islamic terrorists who killed 12 newspaper employees of Charlie Hebdo in France, reports (audio below).

“The terrorists were offended by a publication," Erickson said. "They were offended by a publication that mocked them, that heaped scorn on them, that challenged them and pointed out the fallacies of their religion, and so they had to seek revenge, they had to destroy the people who did it.”

Erickson later revealed he was talking about the gay activists, even though they didn't use violence, didn't destroy anyone and were never offended by any criticism of religion.

“We gotta talk about what happened in France,” Erickson later added, noted “... I think it is worth pointing out that one group destroys the livelihoods of those who dare to mock or dissent, and the other took their lives, but both are doing it to drive debate from the public sphere, to drive anyone who dares challenge them from the public square, to shut them up, to shut them down.”

Erickson made the same terrorism comparison on his blog, but failed to mention that the former fire chief has not been driven from the public square and is free to self-publish more books.

Sources:,,, Atlanta Journal Constitution / Image Credit: Gage Skidmore