Gary Johnson On The Importance Of Personal Freedoms

| by Ray Brown

Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson touted his record on civil liberties, which he said would be a cornerstone of a Libertarian-led presidency.

“When government grows and takes more of our money in taxes, we lose freedom,” Johnson wrote in Time. “My vision for America is straightforward: I want more freedom, not less, so that my children and millions of Americans, young and old, have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams that I have had.”

Johnson, a former entrepreneur and two-time Republican governor of New Mexico, continued: “Why is it so difficult for so many to grasp that in a free society, we need to allow people to make choices, even if we might personally disagree with those choices and as long as they don’t harm others? Defending someone else’s beliefs and non-harmful actions is defending civil liberties. And standing up for civil liberties and civil rights is the essence of America.”

Johnson is a long shot to win the general election, but is hoping to publicize the Libertarian Party's message of low taxes and high social freedoms during an election where the two major parties are running the most unpopular candidates in recent history.

According to a recent Fox News poll, 55 percent of voters find Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton unfavorable, while 63 percent feel the same way about GOP nominee Donald Trump.

In May, both candidates unfavorable ratings were lower than the current numbers and poll tracker website FiveThirtyEight said those numbers were “record-breaking” for major party candidates at that point in the race compared to past elections.

Johnson hopes to bring more voters to the Libertarian Party and, if he wins 5 percent of the vote, his party could qualify for national election funding in the next presidential contest, according to The Hill.

“Freedom isn’t complicated. It just requires us to remember who we are as Americans,” Johnson wrote. “Unfortunately, the politicians in Washington, Republicans and Democrats alike, have forgotten that simple, foundational American value.”

Sources: Time, FiveThirtyEight, Fox News, The Hill / Photo credit: Flickr

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