4-Month-Old Portland Baby Found In Neighbor’s Front Yard

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Four-month-old Zacharion was missing for five hours before being found in the front yard of a Portland, Ore., home. The boy was in good condition, but was still taken to a hospital for evaluation. The baby was reported missing at about 2 a.m. and was found around seven in the morning.

A woman on her way to work spotted the baby and called the police. She said he was dressed in a diaper and a short-sleeved top. She didn’t want to be identified. "I don't really have anything to say except that I hope the rest of the baby's life is less eventful than this morning," she said.

Apparently a relative was babysitting the boy and when his mom arrived to pick him up, she was told that he had disappeared, reports NWCN. The relative said: "She doesn't know where the baby went, she came out crying, concerned, she's tearing her hair out. She didn't know where her baby went."

Portland policeman Kevin Macho held Zacharion after the baby was found. "It's a good day," he said. The boy was cold when he was discovered. Macho was extremely glad to have found the young child. "Under these uniforms, we are husbands, mothers, fathers," he said.

A video about the story is below: