Four Hours Into First Day On Job 911 Operator Saves Her Dad’s Life

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

Four hours into her first shift as a Georgia 911 operator, Crystal Morrow got a call that saved her father’s life.

When Morrow received a call at Dekalb County 911 call center in August, she heard a familiar voice on the other end.

“I heard her voice and I saw her name pop up on the screen,” Morrow said. “I said, ‘Wait, that is my aunt.’”

The woman had no idea she was speaking to her niece when she told her that her father was going into diabetic shock.

"I did freeze, my hands froze over the keyboard, but I knew I had to get the call in," Morrow told WAGA-TV in Atlanta.

She then calmly instructed her aunt what to do to help her father before paramedics arrived.

“I want you to watch him very closely, if he becomes less awake and vomits, quickly turn him on his side,” Morrow said during 911 call. “If he gets worse in any way, call us back immediately for further instructions, OK?”

Her father has recovered.

"She handled it well," said Danielle Harvey, the man who trained Morrow and has been nominated for an award. "She got up after it was over and went out. So I checked on her and told her to go see about her family."

“Because of so many people being in the room, I didn’t think I would get the call,” Morrow said. “It’s crazy that I got it on my first day.”

Sources: USA Today, UPI