Florida Woman Jailed After Throwing Glass Of Kool-Aid At Her Son

| by Khier Casino

A Florida woman is spending time in jail after she threw Kool-Aid at her son during an argument.

Yeteva Mccollum, 60, told Fort Pierce police that she chucked a glass full of Kool-Aid at her son, 33, after he called her a bad name, reported.

Mccollum's son was in the kitchen washing dishes when he and his mother started verbally arguing with each other. That's when a glass allegedly struck the man “on his head and body,” and Mccollum ran in her bedroom.

Meanwhile, the 60-year-old told police that she felt something hit her in the lip after she hurled the drink at her son.

"She stated that she has glaucoma and could not see what the object was but was certain it was not a fist or open hand," according to the police report. "She stated it had a metallic sound."

Mccollum's son said he heard a crash and saw his mother with a swollen lip when she came out. He believed she ran into the bunk beds, hitting her lip.

Police have not determined the exact flavor of the Kool-Aid, but they say she was the aggressor. Mccollum's son says his mother often calls police in an attempt to file fake allegations.

Police charged Mccollum with battery and was taken to the St. Lucie County Jail.

Edwin Perkins, originally from Hastings, Neb., invented Kool-Aid (initially called Kool-Ade) in 1927, according to the Hastings Museum website.