Five-Year-Old Found 'Screaming, Sweaty, Unsure And Very Scared' Trapped Inside Hot Car (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

Some Good Samaritans in Albuquerque, New Mexico are being praised for helping to rescue a five-year-old girl that was trapped in a hot pickup truck.

Sheena Mayorga, her fiancé Hector Ramirez and their friend John Bodenheimer were reportedly in a Home Depot parking lot when they heard a child screaming and crying. As they approached the pickup truck, they noticed that there was a five-year-old girl sweating profusely and attempting to climb out of a rear window.

“[She was] screaming, sweating, unsure and very scared," Mayorga described.

"We were just trying to calm her down," Bodenheimer said.

The young girl was reportedly locked inside of the dangerously hot pickup truck with the windows rolled up and the engine off. By the time police arrived and they were able to get her out, the little girl had been in the car for over an hour. The three Good Samaritans said that the little girl was sweating from head to toe when she finally was rescued from the vehicle, and immediately, she was brought inside the store to cool down before going to the hospital to be treated for heat exhaustion.

45 minutes after police arrived, the parents left the store and were greeted at their vehicle by officers. They were promptly arrested, although it is not known if they are facing any charges.

"A tragedy was prevented today," Albuquerque Police Lt. Eric Jordan said. "You shouldn't leave kids, pets, anything in this type of heat without the car running.  If you can't bring your children shopping with you, either don't go shopping or leave a responsible person with them at home.”

Bodenheimer says he hopes the parents are not allowed to have custody of the little girl after this incident.

"I hope they don't get the child back, they don't deserve the child if they're going to be doing that," Bodenheimer said.  "I mean, they were in the store for over an hour. That child could have easily died."

Reports say that right before the parents were arrested, they sat near the car and sobbed as they learned what had happened with their daughter while they were inside the store shopping.

Sources: NY Daily News, KOB-TV, WWLP