Fishing Line Prank Sends One-Year-Old Girl To The Emergency Room

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A fishing line prank at an Oklahoma Walmart nearly turned fatal this week.

Mother Patricia Keeth was shopping with her 1-year-old daughter Allison when the child stopped in her tracks and was flung backwards. When Keeth looked for what injured her child, she found a string of fishing line stretched across the aisle. The line may have been meant to trip people, but it wrapped around Allison’s neck because she is so small.

Keeth is determined to find the person who set up the prank.

“Even if it was a prank that was supposed to be funny or bad, I mean it could really hurt somebody. And I would like to know who did this and I want them to see my daughter’s neck,” Keeth told Fox 23.

Young Allison’s neck is reportedly still damaged from the prank.

“Even if it was on purpose or supposed to be funny as a joke, haha it’s not. My daughter’s going to be damaged for life now,” she said.

Here’s a picture of Allison’s neck:

Allison Keeth, 1, pictured, was injured when she walked into a fishing line across a supermarket toy aisle

Managers at the Walmart said they will check surveillance tapes in hopes of finding who set up the prank. The company launched an investigation into the prank and will let Keeth know in 30 days if Walmart is ruled responsible for what happened. If so, the store would cover the bill for Allison’s emergency room visit.

Sources: Fox 23, MailOnline