Man Spotted Having Sex With Ground (Video)

| by Karin Sun

A man was caught on video doing something truly bizarre while a friend watched (video below).

A group of office workers in New Zealand were stunned to see the man allegedly having sex with the ground outside of their office building in the middle of the day, the Daily Mail reported.

The man, who was lying facedown on the ground next to a parked white van, was wearing a green and white striped shirt and had his pants and underwear pulled down past his knees.

As the shocked onlookers watched, the man made sexual thrusting motions with his bare hips into the ground. A second man was crouched on the ground near the van watching the scene at close range.

"This is what we’ve come to work to this morning, this little ground sex session going on just outside the window," one of the office workers is heard commenting in the video, according to the Daily Mail.

"His friend there is checking him out ... what is he doing?" another bewildered onlooker is heard saying.

The 32-second video clip was posted to the Reddit discussion forum as well as YouTube, while the Daily Mail article about the video has been posted to the news organization's Facebook page.

Facebook users writing in the comments section of the post expressed their amusement at the bizarre sight.

"It's obvious! He's laying some foundations!" one poster joked. "Doesn't anyone [recognize] a pile driver when they see one?"

"Wonder what the offspring would be?" another commented. "Half road half human?"

Other posts had a more serious tone.

"Needs help," one poster wrote. "But better a road than harming another human or animal. Tell him to get a blow up doll. Softer and always available."

The June 17 Facebook post has gone viral with over 2,400 likes and 1,500 shares in just five hours.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo Credit: Reddit via Daily Mail

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