Feud Develops Between Cam Newton And Kaepernick (Photo)

| by Sean Kelly

Photos showing a tense standoff between Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick fueled speculation the two were feuding.

The photos showed Kaepernick giving Newton an intense, seemingly angry look, which prompted speculation by Fox Sports’ "Speak For Yourself" co-host Jason Whitlock about what caused such a moment. Whitlock dug into Kaepernick’s Twitter feed and found several tweets that claimed he was the one that started the dab dance that Newton became known for during the 2012 season.

“I think there's some hostility and friction between these two guys based on the picture and Kaepernick's Twitter feed,” Whitlock said. 

Show guest Shannon Sharpe agreed, citing the fact major differences between the two quarterbacks -- most notably the fact that Kaepernick has been infamously protesting the national anthem, while Newton has steered clear of politics and racial issues on the field.

“Before Russell Wilson and Cam went to the Super Bowl, [Kaepernick] took his team to the Super Bowl,” Sharpe said. “He was kind of that shiny new toy: African-American quarterback, he had tattoos, everybody embraced him. This was the new fad. This was the guy who was going to revolutionize the game because of the zone-read."

While the photo may be misleading, and people might be reading more into the situation behind it than necessary, the looks between both players do suggest some level of conflict. 

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