Father Calls Out School For Ignoring Son's Bullying (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

A Massachusetts dad is speaking out about the bullying his 8-year-old son received and the lack of action on the school’s part.

According to reports, Charles Nesbitt received a call from the nurse at his son’s school asking him to pick him up because he had gotten hurt. When Nesbitt saw his 8-year-old son Kyle and learned what happened, he was outraged that Timony Grammar School did nothing even though he had reported incessant bullying for over two weeks.

Out of anger and frustration, Nesbitt took a few pictures of his young son, posted them on Facebook, and wrote, “Courtesy of Methuen Schools.” Quickly, Nesbitt’s post went viral, and the school caught wind of the social media firestorm the angry father created.

“He's had some bullying issues going on for the last several weeks,” Nesbitt explained to WHDH. “We've been addressing them with the school. I thought that the issues were being taken care of but Kyle kept coming back, talking about being bullied, and he was afraid to go in and sure enough this is the worst possible scenario.”

Administrators at Timony School denied that any bullying occurred at the school and blasted Nesbitt in a letter sent to parents following the social media post.

“I feel it is important to note that the manner in which the incident was reported and shared through a variety of social media sites was unacceptable,” Supervising Principal Timothy J. Miller wrote in the letter sent to parents. “Many of the comments made were inaccurate and based on rumor and innuendo. I am shocked at the complete lack of respect shown to some of our finest teachers and staff members.”

Nesbitt says he’s now taken his three sons out of Timony School and has hired a lawyer going forward.

“We've have [sic] to bring this kind of stuff to light,” Nesbitt said.

In a statement from the superintendent on Wednesday, the district stands firm in their claims that they know how to handle bullying and that they are committed to the safety of their students.

Nesbitt claims they have talked to the school five times in the past about bullying. He has now pulled Kyle and his two brothers out of Timony School, WHDH reports.

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Sources: WHDH, Charles Nesbitt Facebook 

Photo Source: Charles Nesbitt Facebook