Family Buys Couch On Craigslist, Quickly Realizes They Made A Big Mistake (Photos)

| by Charles Roberts

One South Carolina family’s purchase of a couch on Craigslist gave them more than a place to sit and relax; it also gave them a nice little collection of bed bugs.

Katie Johns purchased the used sectional couch on Craigslist for $225 near Columbia.

Shortly after, Johns and her son noticed small red patches on their skin. They went to the doctor for a diagnosis and were told the bites were likely from bed bugs, reports FOX 8.

“When I feel a tickle on my arm, like maybe the hair on my arm moves or I have a little itchy spot, I immediately think that I have a bug crawling on me,” Johns said.

An exterminator was called to find the source of their bed bug problem.

“When the exterminators came and they actually pulled the couch apart, it was immediately clear that the couch … was infested,” Johns said.

The total cost of extermination fees was $3,000, reports FOX 31.

Johns wants what happened to her to make others aware that they should be mindful of what they purchase on Craigslist.

“It’s not worth it,” Johns said.

Sources: FOX 8FOX 31 / Photo Source: Screenshot