‘Evil’ iPhone FreakyAlarm App Forces Sleeper Out of Bed to Turn it Off

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A revolutionary alarm clock for your phone forces you out of bed by making you solve a series of puzzle games and take pictures of predetermined objects in your house.

The “evil feature” on the FreaklyAlarm app for iOS looks to make you start using your brain immediately upon waking. With no snooze button, the alarm will sound until you do what it says. Set a priority level and the alarm will give you corresponding logic games to solve or, once you upload a photo or scan a barcode beforehand, the alarm will require you to take a photo of that same object.

It features 5 priority levels, 8 logic games, and over 30 “annoying sounds” that can be added to Music. Games include FreakyMath problems and FreakMemo where you memorize a sequence and tap corresponding alarm clocks. Mashable calls the alarm gamification – the use of game mechanics and design techniques in a non-game context.

Lowering the priority setting will make the games easier and change how "annoying," "irritating," or "loud" the alarm sound. You can even lock the volume of the alarm in case you think you would cheat by lowering it in a sleepy stuppor.

The alarm, available on iTunes, costs $1.99.

Source: Mashable