Thousands of Mexicans Ride Bicycles Naked in Protest

| by Michael Allen

About 3,000 protestors wearing bathing suits, underwear or no clothing, bicycled to Guadalajara, Mexico over the weekend to raise awareness of the vulnerability of bike riders on busy Mexican roads.

Almost 2,000 more bike protesters  nude or barely covered  also demonstrated in Mexico City. Some protesters wore adhesive stickers that read: "fragile," "more bicycles, less pollution" and "the city is for everyone, let bikes pass."

"It's a very conservative city, and I believe that daring to [cycle naked] pushes beyond the limits of the Catholic sense of morality," said protester Lucia Escalante to AFP in Guadalajara. "That's why it's more important to show here that we are free."

Guadalajara is located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, which hosted Mexico's largest gay pride parade.

Source: AFP