Hail Storm Hits Beach During Summer, Pounds Sunbathers (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Sunbathers in Novosibrisk, Russia, recently fled the beach and hid under umbrellas after the temperature suddenly dropped twenty degrees and caused a freak hail storm.

As hail stones the size of golf balls dropped from the sky, beachgoers screamed and ran out of the Ob River, noted The Telegraph (video below).

The Mirror reports that one woman stated, “If we’re going to die, I love you."

"It was like being hit by raining bullets from the sky," said another sunbather.

While no one appears to be injured in the video, local reports say that the hail storm brought down a tree elsewhere in the city, which killed two three-year-old twins.

Temperatures have reached as high as 99 degrees on the popular Siberian river beach this summer.

Sources: The Telegraph and Mirror