CNN Forces Correspondent to Make Hourly Reports in -15 Degree Weather (Video)

| by Michael Allen

CNN wanted to make sure its viewers understood that it was really cold today in Minneapolis, Minn.

The cable network forced correspondent Stephanie Elam to report from the Mississippi River where it was -15 degrees (-44 with wind chill) reports (video below).

"They're also saying don't go anywhere," warned Elam. "They even closed down the zoo today because they didn't want people taking their families there."

A CNN host grinned and asked Elam, "Stephanie, you're hanging for on dear life to that cup there, is it frozen? Is that liquid still liquid now, or are you just trying to keep your hands warm?"

Elam then threw the cup into the air to see if the liquid inside would freeze.

In another report, Elam said, "We talked to the police. They have been out patrolling for people who were in danger, who needed to get inside. Taking them to hospitals. Taking them to shelters."

Elam made another update in which she informed viewers, "It's no joke here. I would be happy to take one degree weather at this point."

"The police said they have taken their focus and changed it off of just looking at crime to looking for people who may be in need of getting to a shelter, who need to get to a hospital, that's the priority right now," stated Elam. "They're telling people to stay home."

City Pages questioned why Elam was flown all the way from Los Angeles to Minneapolis by CNN to report that people were supposed to stay home.

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