Elementary School Children Forced To Pull Down Pants For Underwear Inspection

| by Matiss Batarags

Parents are furious at school officials in Texas for reportedly forcing children to pull down their pants in order to inspect whether they had defecated in their pants. This was in response to school officials finding feces on the gym floor.

Gustine is about 90 miles southwest of Fort Worth and has one school with about 230 kids enrolled. Children claim that administrators separated the girls and boys and had them enter their respective locker rooms. They were then ordered to pull down their pants.

One student, Eliza Medina, 11, said, “I felt uncomfortable, and I didn't want to do it. I felt like they violated my privacy. I said I didn't want to, but I was told I had to because all the kids had to.”

Eliza’s mother Maria Medina was unhappy with the handling of the situation. While she said she understood that officials were angry about the incident, she also said, “I was furious. If you can't do your job or you don't know what you're doing, you need to be fired. You shouldn't be here."

Superintendent Ken Baugh realized that the school mishandled the situation but was also apparently misinformed about the facts. Baugh claimed that he was told the children only had to lower their pants a little, but Eliza said it closer “to where your butt is.”

Baugh said, “That's not appropriate, and we do not condone that. So you would take disciplinary action."

While the current argument may be about how much the children had to reveal their backsides, Medina is upset about the entire situation. She thinks the entire process was inappropriate, and added, “Wrong is wrong.”

Parents are planning to gather at the next board meeting to demand closure on the situation. Many want to see someone held accountable for the incident.

Baugh concluded by saying, “Maybe we can find a much better way to solve this.”

Sources: USA TODAY, WFAA 8 / Photo Source: WFAA 8