University of Oregon Professor James Olmstead Shoves Student Protesters, Gets Arrested (Video)

| by Michael Allen

James Olmstead, a law teacher with the University of Oregon, was recently fired after he confronted a group of peaceful student protesters on campus. Olmstead shoved one protester and took the phone of another (video below).

Olmstead was arrested on theft and physical harassment charges after he confronted students from a pro-immigration organization during a campus rally last Thursday, reports

“Start a f*cking ing war. ... Stop being p*ssies,” Olmstead yelled at the crowd of students. “Start a war, get a gun, shoot me first. I’m right here.”

According to, Olmstead is seen in the video shoving a student and starting to threatening the group. He then grabbed the phone of a student who had been using it to film his bizarre rant.

"Do I have freedom to speak to? Can I yell?" Olmstead said. "I'm part of your performance. You need a protagonist."

“His teaching responsibilities have been reassigned to other professors on staff,” Julie Brown, director of communications for the University of Oregon, told

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