Teacher Marion Adams Impaled, Dies in Freak Bike Accident (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Rio Linda High School students and staff are mourning for Marion Adams, a teacher and coach, who died after being impaled on a gate outside the school in a freak bicycle accident on Monday night in Rio Linda, California (video below).

According to CBS Sacramento, Adams was riding his bike home after practice Monday evening when he crashed into a yellow gate arm near campus and was impaled.

“He looked like he was going to be OK,” said Marcel Brown, who runs the track and found Adams. “He was nodding his head yes and no. I was thinking he was going to be alright.”

Student Jennifer Edwards witnessed the accident and said Adams was thrown off his bike after slamming into the railing, and a pole went several inches into his stomach.

“It’s like a nightmare. I keep waiting to wake up, just hasn’t hit me all the way,” said Marion's son Joe Adams.

Tuesday morning, campus flags were lowered to half staff. Hundreds attended a vigil for Adams held Tuesday night.

Source: CBS Sacramento