'Slap-Ass Friday' Becoming a Problem for Schools

| by Michael Allen

Las Vegas parents are upset about "slap-ass Friday," which is reportedly happening in local middle schools.

Every Friday, male students slap female students on the behind, reports CBS Las Vegas.

“I actually am going to keep her out of [Escobedo Middle School] until the situation is resolved on Fridays,” Denise Delucia told KLAS. “I’m not letting her go to be accosted on Fridays, that is not acceptable.”

"It just happens everywhere," Amirah Shotlow, 15, said. "It's all over school, just every Friday, they come and smack girls' butts."

"Sometimes they'll do it with their binders and sometimes they'll use your hands, and I just, they just walk around school and just out of nowhere," explained Justina Failla, 14.

“I just think it’s inappropriate,” High school senior Tasha Rasmussen added. “We were young and I just don’t believe that it should have been done. I definitely think there should be a stop to it. Somebody needs to bring the consequences to the students’ attention. It is frowned upon. It is bad. It is gross.”

The Clark County School District replied to news reports with a statement:

School administrators are aware of this parent complaint and have been working with the parent and student directly to gather additional information. The district has a zero-tolerance policy for physical violence. If appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken.

However, it's not just Las Vegas. YouTube has numerous videos of "slap-ass Friday" posted from around the country; some videos date back years ago.

The Clark County School District spokesman said she had never heard of it. A search on Google for "slap-ass Friday" brought up 790,000 results.

Sources: CBS Las Vegas and KLAS