School Teacher Shows Second Graders Offensive MLK Parody (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Elementary school teacher Lynn Schumacher is under fire for reportedly showing an animated parody of Martin Luther King Jr. to second graders on Jan. 21 in Cedarville, Arkansas.

The YouTube video (below) entitled “Boondocks Martin Luther King Speech” includes racial slurs and foul language, noted 5 News Online.

Cedarville School District superintendent Dan Foreman said Schumacher was unaware the video was offensive until the children had viewed some of it.

In the two-and-a-half minute parody, Martin Luther King Jr. lectures black people and uses the N-word.

According to, parent Latia Hernandez claims the kids watched a different offensive video (below) entitled “It’s Martin Luther King Day Charlie Brown!" but the school denies it.

Foreman said school administrators are trying to decide if Schumacher should be disciplined and what school policies need to be changed.


Sources: 5 News Online, Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot