School Forces 5 Year Old to Sign Anti-Suicide, Homicide Contract (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A mom who identifies herself as "Rebecca" says the E. R. Dickson school in Mobile, Ala., forced her five-year-old daughter to sign a contract promising that she would not commit suicide or homicide.

A contract signed by anyone under 18 is not binding in Alabama. Additionally, the child had no idea what "suicide" or "homicide" meant.

"This isn't right. She's 5-years-old," Rebecca told Local 15 News (video below). "Most of these words on here, she's never heard in her life."

"[The school] told me [my daughter] drew something that resembled a gun," stated Rebecca. "According to them she pointed a crayon at another student and said, 'Pew pew.'"

The five year old was forced to complete and sign a suicide and homicide questionnaire.

"While I was in the lobby waiting they had my 5-year-old sign a [Mobile County Public School Safety Contract] about suicide and homicide," recalled Rebecca.

E. R. Dickson school refused to answer questions from the media.

"My child interrupted us and said, 'What is suicide mommy? Daddy what is suicide?'" stated Rebecca. "As a parent that's not right. I'm the one should be able to talk to my child and not have someone else mention words like this in front of her at all."

According to Alabama's 13, the school wanted Rebecca to take her child to a psychiatrist, but she refused.

Sources: Local 15 News, Alabama's 13