College Students Told Not to Hand Out U.S. Constitution on Campus (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Four college students were passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on the campus of Southern Oregon University (SOU) recently when they were confronted by officials from the school.

The students were also asking people to sign a petition to end free speech restrictions, which are limited to one specific area of the campus, noted Campus Reform (videos below).

The students were standing on a sidewalk near a residential area on the Ashland, Ore., campus.

Officials from the school repeatedly asked the students to move to a designated free speech zone, but the students told school officials that they were protected by the First Amendment because they were on public property.

“Thank you for coming down here and explaining to us the unconstitutional policies here on campus, but we’re not going to move,” a student activist told a school official, noted The Blaze.

“We encountered wild accusations that because the event was affiliated with SCC, there was legitimate fear for the imminent danger of students on campus,” SCC member Stephanie Keaveney told Campus Reform. “Administrators accused us of causing an immediate panic for the safety of students in the face of gun violence, or the promotion of such.”

“Students on this campus were in no way framing themselves to be a legitimate threat to safety or inciting unlawful behavior,” Keaveney said. “This action was only related to SCC in that its members on this campus believe in order to fight for our second amendment rights, we must first be free to exercise our first amendment rights.”

School officials reportedly threatened to call the police, but no officers arrived.

Sources: Campus Reform, The Blaze