NYPD School Safety Officer Breaks Reporter's Camera (Video)

| by Michael Allen

NYPD school safety officers have harassed the media for filming them as they rush minority students out of schools in mostly-white neighborhoods in New York City.

NY1 reporter Lindsey Christ recently filed a report that documented the school safety officers trying to prevent her from interviewing students, filming police and recording schools from a public sidewalk, which is all legal in NYC, noted (video below).

At one point in Christ's report, an unidentified NYPD school safety officer broke NY1's camera.

Ironically, the school safety officers called in regular NYPD officers who sided with NY1.

According to NY1, a town hall meeting is scheduled for this Friday to discuss the school safety officers who are hustling Latino and black students out of predominantly-white neighborhoods.

NY1 notes that safety officers have been overheard telling the students, "Keep moving, Keep moving. Alright, come on. come on. Let's go, Let's go. Excuse me." and "Let's go, across the street. Across the street."

"They’re just like, you know, 'Everybody move. Everybody move! Leave!'" one student told NY1.

"They all tell us to get out of the neighborhood," added another.

Sources:, NY1