Female High School Basketball Players Pour Urine Into Opponents' Water Cooler

| by Michael Allen

Parents at Monett High School in Monett, Missouri are furious after four Cassville High School female basketball players poured a cup of urine into the Monett team's water cooler.

According to the Daily Mail, public health officials are testing the members of Monett's Lady Cubs basketball team to determine if they caught any diseases from the spiked water.

The Cassville High School players urinated into cups and dumped one of those cups into the drinking water keg that Monett used during their February 4 game at Cassville, which Cassville won.

Monett High School officials sent a letter to parents of the players last week informing them of the incident, the Monett Times reports.

"We are asking you, as parents, to help us work with our girls and their friends to handle this situation with professionalism and restraint," Monett High School Superintendent Brad Hanson wrote in the letter. "We encourage you to support our stance that retaliation in any way stoops to the level of the offense committed against us and is counterproductive."

Cassville Assistant Superintendent Jill LeCompte issued a statement on March 22, which read in part: "Cassville R-4 School District believes that sportsmanship and maintaining high standards for our students is important. We do not condone these actions and regret that our students were involved in this unfortunate incident."

"Student discipline is a private matter that we cannot discuss," the statement said. "We are in communication with the other school district and are working cooperatively with them to address questions or concerns."

Cassville officials did not reveal when they learned of the incident, which occurred a month and a half ago, but informed Monett administrators last week.

Sources: Daily Mail and Monett Times