Bullied Student Writes Encouraging Post-Its To Class, Gets In Trouble For Littering

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A Canadian high school student who had her locker robbed by bullies encouraged her classmates to be themselves with heartwarming Post-It notes, but teachers accused her of littering.

Bullies broke into 11th grader Caitlin Prater-Haacke’s locker at George McDougall High School in Alberta and stole her iPad. They then used it to post hateful messages on her Facebook.

“Bullying is not necessarily addressed, and people get really down about it, I wanted to do something positive — it was about due time,” Prater-Haacke said.

In order to uplift her classmates, she posted 850 Post-It notes around the Airdrie school with positive messages like “Be yourself” and “You’re beautiful.” She arrived early to get the job done before other students arrived.

She hoped it would make her classmates smile, but her teachers were irate about the stunt, the Daily Mail reported.

She was pulled out of class, shouted at by school staff and told that the janitors weren’t even available to clean up the mess, her mother Nicole Haacke told the Calgary Sun.

“I don’t understand that when my kid is bullied, nothing happens, but when she tries to do something positive, she is punished,” he mother said.

But kids like the messages and the trend is spreading to social media under the hashtag #PositivePostIt.

School administrators have since backed off about the notes.

The Airdrie Staples store even donated Post-It pads so the whole school could take part in a Positive Post-It Day event on Thursday.

This time students promised to clean up any mess.

Sources: Daily Mail , Calgary Sun

Image credit: Facebook/ Caitlin Julia Haacke