Dublin Bomber Accidentally Sets Bomb Off In His Own Face

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A Dublin bomber was seen “dripping in blood” last night after he accidentally set off a bomb in his own face. Police believe the bomb may have exploded in front of the man because he forgot to set his watch forward an hour on Sunday night for daylight savings time.

“It would appear that the bomber got his timings wrong,” one source told the Mirror. “It could be a case where he didn’t put his watch forward on Sunday [at 1 a.m.] and the timer went off too soon.”

The bomber tried to plant the bomb on a Volvo SUV. After hearing an explosion around 11 p.m., one neighbor looked outside and saw a bloody man running away. Investigators said there was a “huge amount of blood” at the scene.

“Witnesses reported seeing a man fleeing the scene towards New Street and Clanbrassil Street and he had suffered significant injuries and required urgent medical attention, we are appealing for this man, or anyone in a taxi who may have picked him up, to come forward," said Garda Superintendent Dave Taylor.

“It was a very extensive explosion and it was a very frightening experience for the people on Long Lane,” Taylor added. “The consequences could have been very, very serious.”

Sources: Mirror, Belfast Telegraph