Drunk Woman Runs Over 10-Month-Old Baby In Hospital Parking Lot

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A drunk woman driving through a hospital parking lot hit a mother and her 10-month-old baby last Wednesday. The accused woman is identified as Stormie Vancil of Burlington, North Carolina.

Vancil was driving through the parking lot of Alamance Regional Medical Center when she hit Melissa Flynn and her 10-month-old daughter. Flynn was flung from the hood of the car before Vancil ran over the child.

According to police, the tires of Vancil’s car “rolled over and on top of the infant’s head causing severe injuries.”

The baby miraculously survived the incident.

A warrant for the incident said the accident was unintentional. Nevertheless, Vancil is still facing both DWI and felony injury charges. Her DWI conviction is punishable with up to three years in prison, and the felony injury charge could land her an additional 59 months of incarceration.

Vancil appeared in court on April 4 and asked the presiding judge for a bond reduction. She said she needed the reduction to make financial arrangements for her children because her husband is also facing imprisonment.

“Is there any way I can ask for a bond reduction so I can make arrangements for my children?” she asked. “Cause my husband is also getting locked up.”

Police say the husbands charges are from an unrelated case.

The injured infant is reportedly in stable condition despite her critical injuries. 

Sources: Inquisitr, My Fox 8