Video: Meet World's Oldest Stoner, Gus Ridley, 98

| by NORML

By "Radical" Russ Belville


Quick thoughts:

-- This guy is 98 years old.  Does he look 98 to you?  Looks 78 to me.

-- Quick, name a 98-year-old coke, heroin, meth, tobacco, or alcohol addict.

-- Yeah, yeah, George Burns lived to be 100 and drank and smoked his whole life.  So let’s legalize the other thing you can do and still live to be 100.

-- When we allow 98-year-olds to drive on our freeways, is a joint really impairing them any more than they already are?  I would pick any 30-year-old daily toker stoned to the gills ripping oil hits off the dashboard before I’d pick a sober 98-year-old to drive me around town.

-- That’s a joke.  Don’t smoke and drive impaired.  At any age.

-- This guy actually started smoking weed when it wasn’t federally illegal.

-- One year later, Samuel Caldwell was the first federal marijuana prisoner, doing four years hard labor at Leavenworth for two joints in his pocket.

-- If I live as long as this guy it will be the year 2066.  I’m hoping for the tricentennial in 2076, just to see if this country makes it that far.