Pro-Marijuana Ad Pulled From NASCAR Race For Upsetting 'Family' Atmosphere (Video)

| by Emily Smith

A commercial advertising marijuana as an alternative to beer was pulled from displays outside a NASCAR race after it was deemed inappropriate for the family friendly atmosphere of the race.

The ad was purchased by the Marijuana Policy Project and was celebrated as the first pro-pot campaign that would be seen at a major sporting event. However, when officials with Grazie Media, the company MPP purchased airtime from, inspected the content of the ad, they rushed to take it down.

“We decided to pull ultimately because it’s not obviously a great fit for the NASCAR audience, for the family kind of oriented audience,” said Grazie Media CEO Vanessa Wojtala.

Mason Tvert, director of communications for MPP, accused Grazie Media of hypocrisy because it allowed alcohol-related commercials to air while denying the marijuana ad. In fact, Crown Royal Whiskey and Miller Lite beer were the main sponsors of the event.

"This is the exact type of hypocrisy that motivated us to run this ad,” Tvert said. “We wanted to make people think about the absurdity of laws that allow adults to use alcohol but punish them for making the safer choice to use marijuana instead.”

Marijuana is not legal for recreational or medicinal purposes in Indiana, where fines for possession alone begin at $5,000.

Sources: The Huffington Post, ABC News