Drug Law
Drug Law

Hidden in Mexican Desert: Largest Ever Pot Plantation

| by Kate Wharmby Seldman

Mexican soldiers uncovered a 300-acre marijuana farm in the middle of the Baja California desert. It was the largest ever discovered in Mexico - four times larger than the previous record-holder.

The entire farm, which was about 150 miles south of Tijuana, was shrouded in black cloth, and made a giant square in the desert. There were even toilets for the workers, said the Mexican Defense Department.

The black cloth, which is commonly used by farmers to protect their crops from the heat of the sun, also stopped law enforcement from smelling the marijuana growing underneath it.

When soldiers got to the farm, they saw plants that were growing 2 1/2 yards high. They surprised about 60 workers, who fled. They didn't arrest any of the farm's employees.