Driver is Millimeters Away from Decapitation After Car Slides Under Semi

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A driver in California escaped death by millimeters after he drove his Corvette Z06 underneath a semi-truck.

His life was saved by ducking his head, and he was just millimeters away from decapitation.

Apparently, the HGV was driving slow on a steep highway when the car slid underneath it and came to a halt after it went six feet beneath the trailer.

Not only did he escape being decapitated, he also escaped any serious injuries and was only taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

The Corvette wasn’t as lucky, as it was totally destroyed from the crash.

It took place on the southbound San Diego Freeway by Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.

Rick McClure, a retired LA firefighter, said the man was extremely lucky, as many of these cases result in death.

“He was very lucky to say the least. In the past drivers have been decapitated after crashing underneath trucks so a law was introduced so they had barriers to prevent this,” he said.

“But somehow he still managed to get the Corvette underneath. It happened at about 11:10 pm so the freeway was fairly open. It was an uphill stretch of the road and the truck was going slowly up the steep grade.”

McClure said he must have been driving the car fast before he saw the truck and slid under it unexpectedly.

“The Corvette must have been overtaking a few other cars and then all of a sudden he saw the slowing truck and went up the back of it. I was first at the scene and it was unbelieveable to see the guy in the Corvette talking. He had some minor injuries but was in good spirits considering what had happened.”

He was taken to Ronald Reagan Medical Center and treated for minor injuries.


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