Driver Hits And Kills Teen, Posts Photo Of Car With Smiley Face

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A driver who hit and killed a teenager posted a disturbing image to social media this week.

The driver, Mike VanWagner, posted a picture of his car after the wreck with a smiley face in the accompanying caption.

“That’s her front end after I got done with her lol :)” the caption reads.

Here’s the picture, courtesy of the Star Tribune:

In the comments section under a second picture, VanWagner wrote “I’m all good slept a day in the hospital then came home and did yard work lol.”

VanWagner killed 16-year-old Jason McCarthy during an alleged drunk driving rampage last week. He struck one car and fled the scene before crashing into McCarthy’s vehicle, ultimately killing him.

He deleted his images and lighthearted comments this week after learning that a passenger in a car he struck died.

In an interview with the Star Tribune, VanWagner said, “I didn’t even know I hit somebody. I just thought I hit something.”

He was arrested this week and told that charges will be filed against him in the coming months after the results of a toxicology report are in. His record is littered with convictions, including careless driving and driving with a suspended license.

He was already on probation at the time of the accident for making terroristic threats.

Source: Star Tribune