Cement Truck Pushes Car Down Highway After Being Cut Off In Traffic (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

It’s safe to say that most people have cut someone off in traffic or at least been cut off before, but a cement truck that got cut off handled it in an interesting way, and thankfully, it was caught on camera.

The guy who filmed the video posted it on Reddit and described what he witnessed before capturing the aftermath.

“A lady cut off a cement truck in some traffic,” described Reddit user jaytocs. “I saw a piece of her car fly off and was expecting them to both stop. Once I realized neither vehicle was stopping I started to record.”

As the driver passes by the cement truck, it’s clear to see that the truck hit the back of the car, almost becoming connected to it, and is pushing it down the highway.

Since being posted online, people have tried to come up with reasons why the cement truck was pushing the car.

“If she cut him off close enough, he probably didn't even realize she was there,” noted one Reddit user. “Trucks have a large blind spot right in front of them.”

“Can only break check people so many times before that happens,” said a commenter on YouTube.

Others apparently couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“That moment your mind can't comprehend what it just witnessed and asks itself questions,” one YouTube commenter so perfectly stated.

Some people seem to think that maybe the cement truck was helping the driver off the highway after the car stalled, but if the guy who posted it is telling the truth about what happened before the video was shot, it’s apparent that the truck was cut off.

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