Dog Brings Home Dead Baby in Bag After Going on Walk

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A dog in Oklahoma City went out for his daily walk, but came back carrying a dead newborn baby girl in a bag.

The dog’s owner was out of town, so the dog, Luke, returned the baby to the house-sitter at the property. The baby was wrapped in plastic and the dog carried it by his mouth to the woman and dropped it at her feet.

Authorities do not believe the dog was involved in the death of the baby, and believe he found it while he was sniffing around the neighborhood.

“He was carrying it just like a momma pup and laid it at my feet,” the house-sitter said.

“I believe he found it, picked it up and brought it. There was no trauma you could tell he inflicted.”

Police are now looking for the infant’s mother, who they think is likely suffering from health problems after the birth.

They are also trying to determine whether the baby was a stillborn or if she was killed.

Dexter Nelson, a police captain, said, “We don’t know where the baby came from. If it was born in the area outside or if someone brought the baby out there to dispose of it.”

Because Luke usually walks around large areas, they have not pinpointed the area where he found the baby.

The state’s “safe haven” policy makes it easy for a mother to anonymously give up their child if they are less than a week old.

So far, a missing baby has not been reported in the area.

Police are starting to go door-to-door asking questions and trying to find any evidence.

“We are asking anyone in the public who knows someone who was pregnant not too long ago who is not pregnant now or if they believe this child could be that child or involved in that situation to call us,” Nelson said. “We don’t know if the baby was stillborn or what the cause of death was in this particular case, but that’s why homicide is investigating.”

“We do not even know at this time if a crime has even occurred.”

“Due to the condition that the child was found, we believe that the mother could be at risk of health problems.”

They know the mother is likely white, and would have been in her third trimester.

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