Cafe Owner Posts Controversial Policy Regarding Kids in Her Restaurant

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An Australian shopkeeper stirred up controversy on Monday, when she took to Facebook to voice her concerns about “ill-mannered children” in her small café. The owner of The Little French Café in Newcastle, Australia, created a post detailing what is “acceptable and inacceptable” behavior for children while dining at her quaint café.   

“Are we child friendly? If you are looking for a cafe with a children’s menu, baby chinos, a play area, lounges for your children to jump on, vast space for your prams, an area for your children to run rampant, and annoy other customers, while you are oblivious to them — then the short answer is No, we are not child friendly. HOWEVER, if you would like to bring your children here and they are happy to sit at a table with you, while you enjoy a coffee, and are well behaved, please come in. Otherwise, there are plenty of places that are specifically designed to entertain your children.”

Although the owner quickly deleted the post from Facebook, the damage and applause had already been done. According to the Newcastle Herald, many offended parents replied to the post with comments such as “arrogant” and an “attack on parents.”

Other café frequenters were in support of the owners actions, having a ‘her shop, her rules’ mentality. One Facebook user wrote, “Totally on your side, nothing worse than rampaging children whose parents refuse to pull them in to line! I have two kids and was in no way offended by your initial post... if their parents can’t control them, they shouldn’t be there.”

The initial post was brought on in response to a ‘one-star review’ handed down by the mother of two small children. Judith Kotz was dining at The Little French Café with a group of her girlfriends on Friday, when she felt that the café staff reacted negatively to the presence of her children.   

Kotz told, “Because of the owner’s attitude towards us, we asked if the cafe was child-friendly, just as a general policy. If that was the case, she should have said something before we were seated and ordered food.”

The shopkeeper has since responded, sticking to her premise that well-behaved children are welcome anytime, but other customers should not have to deal with children lacking parental discipline.