Child Abandonment Ad Takes Shocking Turn (Video)

| by Sean Kelly

A powerful ad turned a story of child abandonment into one about something just as heartbreaking (video below).

In the ad -- shared on Little Things -- a married couple adopts a little girl, and everything appears to be going well at first. The red-headed girl gets along well with her new family, until small incidents begin occurring regularly.

The girl constantly begs for affection and can be seen spilling wine on the mother’s tablecloth and making messes in the bedrooms. The parents soon begin questioning their decision to adopt the girl, and they ultimately choose to do something despicable -- drop her off in a field and drive away.

As the father drives away from the girl, he looks in the rear view mirror and sees a dog instead of the girl. The girl was a dog all along -- a pet abandoned by its new family because of its behavior. 

The ad sent a shocking and powerful message about the treatment of animals, and how pets should always be given the same care and affection as humans. Dogs are abandoned regularly, and are often found emaciated and in poor health.

In a case of abandonment in Smithtown, New York, a severely neglected dog with an oxygen tube was found in front of an animal shelter.

The dog was in critical condition, WCBS reported. 

“Severely emaciated and in critical condition when it was found. Just to give you an idea of how bad it is, it was covered with fleas, it was severely anemic, the fur was worn away, and the teeth not only were rotten, but caked with fur from constant biting. So you could imagine how this dog suffered for such a long period of time,” SPCA Chief Roy Gross told the station. 

The dog was being treated by a veterinarian.

Watch the emotional ad below. 

Sources: Little Things, WCBS / Photo credit: Screenshot via Little Things

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