Czech Actors Acquitted After Failed Prank

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Czech actors Jan Potmesil and Petr Ctvrtnicek agreed to team up with charity Konto Bariery to film a light-hearted candid camera video to raise awareness for people with disabilities. 

The actors posed as disabled police officers and stopped people for ‘speeding’ and then recorded their reactions. However, the prank went awry when one man had a heart attack upon learning it was a candid camera stunt.

Potmesil and Crvrtnicek were later charged with impersonating police officers.They believed it was obvious their uniforms were fake and thought people would simply recognize them.

According to the Daily Mail, the video was filmed in 2012 in Prague and was set to debut on Czech television.

 “It was not our aim [to harm someone] and I am really, very sorry about it,” Potmesil told an appeals court. “I thought that we were doing something good and we thought that everything would be all right.”

Ctvrtnicek said: “I agree. The aim was to help disabled people and we did it in good faith.”

Although the actors had been convicted of impersonating a police officer, an appeal court overturned the initial verdict. 

Ctvrtnicek slammed the Czech television station he was working with for failing to protect him and his colleague. “I would like to advise all my colleagues to take lawyers to dressing rooms of televisions or film studios. Otherwise the same thing will happen to them,” he said. 

Source: Daily Mail Image via Daily Mail