Driver Jumps Bridge As It Opens (Video)

| by Emily Smith

An impatient Croatian driver was caught on camera as she attempted to jump a raising bridge as it opened for a boat to pass under.

The unnamed woman had run a red light already and decided to try her luck on the raising bridge. The bridge, located in the small Croatian town of Tisno, had risen eight feet in the air before the woman gunned her yellow Peugeot and jumped it.

“I was shouting and gesturing for her to stop but it was no use,” Tome Mejic Sidic, the bridge warden, said. “She ignored me, went full throttle and flew across the bridge.”

Sidic added that he thought the woman would flip her car.

The woman eventually stopped at a café on the other side of the bridge, where witnesses noted that every airbag had opened after the car landed. When onlookers offered to call an ambulance or the police, the woman declined.

The 58-year-old was unharmed by the landing. She later told police that she had been temporarily blinded by the sun and hadn’t seen the red light.

Drivers have previously attempted to cross the bridge as it lifted, according to Sidic. In one instance, a tractor unsuccessfully tried to make the leap.

Sources: DailyMail, Telegraph