YouTube Allows Woman, Whose Son Was Murdered, to be Harassed by 'Truther'

| by Michael Allen

YouTube will remove any video based on a copyright claim, whether or not there is an actual copyright violation, but is allowing one of its users to torment and harass a woman whose 4-year-old son was murdered in Lincoln, Neb., in 2003.

Rebecca Gonzalez has reportedly been trying to stop a YouTube user with the handle "Celeste Cortes" to stop posting a video of her late son Brendan Gonzalez, which includes false claims that he is still alive.

“If someone’s posting lies about your loved one, you want to fight it. You just can’t let it go,” Rebecca told KHOU. “You don’t need fresh wounds put on top of the old ones.”

In June of 2003, Ivan Henk admitted to authorities that he killed his son Brendan and led police to an apartment trash bin where he had dumped Brendan's body, noted the Lincoln Journal Star.

Police performed a DNA test and found that the blood inside the trash bin matched Brendan's DNA, but his body was missing.

Police also searched the landfill where the trash bin was dumped, but could not find the body there either, which has apparently spurred on this YouTube "truther."

Rebecca, who now lives near Houston, said the online harassment began back in January.

In the video, the YouTube truther posts pictures of Brendan, speculates what Brendan looks like now and claims the boy may be a victim of child trafficking.

Rebecca has flagged the video more than 100 times, but YouTube has allowed her to be harassed by the video.

“She needs to leave my son out of it. We’ve been through enough. My son’s memory deserves more than that,” stated Rebecca. “It can happen to anybody’s child, and that’s scary. You can’t just use people’s images of their loved ones for sick twisted missions.”

Sources: KHOU and Lincoln Journal Star