Woman Shot In The Face And Robbed By A Man She Met Online

| by Matiss Batarags

A woman from Georgia was shot in the face and robbed in College Park by a man she met on an online dating website. She picked the man up from a motel in the early hours of Dec. 24 and drove him to a Waffle House where they were planning on ordering food to go.

The man entered and exited the Waffle House quickly and then told the 34-year-old woman to park in a dark area on the side of the street. After she refused, he reentered the restaurant only to come back out and say that the food was not worth the money.

On the drive back to the motel, the man pulled out a gun and shot the driver in the face. Luckily, he misfired and the bullet only grazed her chin. She was released from the hospital the next day. The man stole her cellphone, purse and Jeep Cherokee.

College Park Police Department’s Major E.W. Strozier said that the woman had suspicions about the man’s intentions during the drive to the Waffle House. He also said he does not understand why she agreed to meet him so late at night. The College Park Police Department has had multiple robberies of women who meet men through online dating sites.

Strozier believes that the photos of the man were authentic but does not think that the man was from Tennessee as his profile states. The police think he was a local man.

Strozier had a warning about meeting men through online dating sites, saying, "Get to know the person first and when you do meet the person, meet them in a well-lit public place and don't leave there until you know them.”

Sources: NY Daily News, Fox News / Photo Source: NY Daily News