Woman In Prison For Killing Daughter Gets 13 More Years

| by Emily Smith

A British woman who was sentenced to seven years in prison for killing her daughter was given 13 more years in prison after admitting to also murdering her son.

Lesley Dunford, 37, was jailed for life after admitting in October 2015 to killing 7-month-old Harley.

“Something just clicked in me,” Dunford said of the boy's murder in August 2003. “I pushed his face into the mattress until he stopped breathing.”

Harley was found dead in his cot. His father, Wayne, believed the boy had died of sudden infant death syndrome. Dunford lied to her husband about the boy’s death for more than 10 years. Her husband believed she was innocent of both crimes, despite being found guilty by jurors of her daughter's death in 2012.

Dunford insisted she put her daughter, Lucy, to bed and returned to find her motionless in February 2004. Marks on Lucy’s neck suggested otherwise, according to The Sun.

“She’s a woman of very low intelligence with complex mental health problems -- it’s thought that she had a personality disorder,” Dunford’s lawyer said. “She was plainly unable to cope on her own in 2003 as reports make clear.”

Dunford's lawyer noted that it was a crime committed by a woman with unstable personality disorder.

Sources: The Sun, BBC News / Photo credit: The Sun

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