Woman Catches Up With Alleged Mugger, Takes Classic Photo With Him

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A Brooklyn mugging took a dramatic turn when the female victim chased her alleged teen mugger and held him in a bear hug until police arrived.

Clara Vondrich, 36, was talking on her cell phone in front of a Williamsburg coffee shop when a 13-year-old and his two friends approached her.

Vondrich was reportedly pushed from behind and nearly knocked to the ground by the boy, whose name is being withheld because he is a minor.

The phone was allegedly ripped from Vondrich’s hand by the boy and he ran.

“I was all disoriented,” Vondrich told The NY Post. “My headphones almost came off.”

“I looked up and I saw him running with my phone.”

Vondrich did not let the boy get away. She chased him down the street, wearing thick wedges and a sundress.

“I was screaming the whole time, ‘Get that kid!’” Vondrich recalled. “I finally said, ‘Yo, I’ll give you $200 for that. Just stop.’

The boy, appearing winded, handed the phone off to a friend. But Vondrich kept on after him for a five-block chase.

Vondrich caught the boy and wrapped her arms around his chest, pinning him against a car.

“He was so pudgy and was slowing down, so that’s why I caught up to him,” Vondrich said.

“I don’t have it,” the boy allegedly said to Vondrich, referring to her phone.

Vondrich held the teen in the bear hug for a couple of minutes before police arrived.

The boy’s mother is not happy about how Vondrich held her son.

“She has her hands all over him,” his mother said when she saw photos of the bust. “Why is she touching him like that?”

“He’s a very good boy,” the mother added. “He’s just been hanging out with the wrong crowd. I told him he has to stop hanging out with those boys.”

The boy is expected to be charged with grand larceny.

Vondrich later posted a picture of her bear hugging the boy, captured at the scene, to her Twitter account with the caption, “Just when you think it’s safe to take a business call…,” including the hashtag’s #phoneless and #ditchtheheels.

Photo Source: @Clara_Vondrich