Woman To Take Plea Bargain For Allegedly Sexually Abusing Children With Ex-Husband And His Second Wife

| by Lisa Fogarty

A Las Vegas woman who is accused of participating in underage incestuous sex attacks with her ex-husband and his new wife that were caught on video is reportedly planning to plead guilty.

Terrie Sena, 43, reportedly agreed to a deal Tuesday that would give her 10 years to life in prison in exchange for pleading guilty to one count of sexual assault, reports the Daily Mail. Sena, her 47-year-old ex-husband Christopher Sena, and his second wife, 50-year-old Deborah Sena, reportedly lived together in a trailer and are standing trial for allegedly abusing at least eight children over 13 years.

The trio’s victims reportedly included relatives and their own children, but Christopher Sena also allegedly asked his friends to bring their kids over to their home so they could abuse them.

On one occasion, Christopher Sena reportedly told one girl and a male victim to “bring female friends” over and requested that they wear bathing suits “to go in the pool,” reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Neighbors have also reportedly told police that the man seemed excited when his sons brought their girlfriends over to their home.

Deborah Sena has reportedly been offered the same deal as Terrie, but her attorney is arguing that she doesn't deserve to spend 10 years in prison because she was “coerced, threatened, blackmailed, beaten” by her husband and forced to be a witness to acts she says her client “was never an active participant in.”

Police reportedly obtained video footage showing all three suspects engaging in sex acts with children.

Christopher Sena faces 23 charges, including incest, bestiality, and felony child abuse. The women face 27 charges, including child abuse and neglect, sexual assault of a minor, and incest. All three are being held without bail.

Sources: Daily Mail, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Fox 5 News