Witness Jailed Until Accused Kidnapper's Trial

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A woman who is not under arrest is being held in jail unless she can post bail because prosecutors want her to testify in a September trial.

Faith Bronson, 34, has not committed a crime.

Despite that, Judge Michael Barrasse ruled she will remain in Lackawanna County Prison until she can post $25,000 bail or until Ross Bonaddio, the man who is accused of kidnapping and beating her, faces trial, reports The Times-Tribune.

Bonaddio is Bronson’s boyfriend, and she told police in January that he held her captive and beat her to “remove the aliens he believed were inside of her.”

The doors of Bonaddio’s home were screwed shut so Bronson could not leave, according to Scranton police. After three days of captivity, Bronson escaped and a neighbor called police.

Officers found Bronson back inside the home with Bonaddio when they arrived covered in bruises.

Authorities have reason to believe Bronson will not appear in court and that is why she is being held in jail.

For two months authorities could not locate Bronson, and phone records between Bronson and Bonaddio showed her stating she was unwilling to cooperate, according to a written request by Deputy District Attorney Gene Riccardo to have her detained.

There was also a letter sent by Bronson stating she wanted to recant her statements.

The law that allows bail to be set for a material witness if it is believed they will not appear in court is being used in the case, reports The Free Thought Press

Riccardo realizes it is an extreme measure, but considers it necessary in this case.

Bronson must appear at trial, as Riccardo says Bonaddio has the right to face his accuser.

“I have a feeling we may be able to convince her to do the right thing and stand up for herself,” Riccardo said.

Another witness will also testify at the trial in regards to Bonaddio’s actions.

“Based on the seriousness of the crime charged, I’m compelled to protect not only Ms. Bronson, but the community at large,” Riccardo said.

Photo Credit: Lapost/Wikipedia Commons