Man Shoves Woman Into Window After She Refuses Sex

| by Sheena Vasani

A New Jersey man pushed a woman through a store window after she refused to have sex with him.

The 36-year-old woman told police she was standing on the street when 49-year-old Drayton Carter allegedly asked her for sex, The Associated Press reports via WNYW.

When she said no, Carter got angry and shoved her through the glass window before running away.

The woman was left bleeding from her back and received treatment at the hospital, reports.

Police arrested Carter shortly afterwards and charged him with aggravated assault.

This is one of many cases in which women have been harassed for declining sex with a man, The Independent reports.

"It's alarming the level of violence that women and girls experience in response to rejecting unwanted sexual advances or even unwanted contact from men," explains Katie Russell, spokesperson for the Rape Crisis organization in England and Wales.

"...We live in a deeply sexist, deeply misogynistic society that some men feel that they're entitled to women's bodies, that women are primarily there for their use, for their gratification," she added.

On the blog When Women Refuse, women share first-hand accounts of harassment.

One woman recalls being locked in a walk-in freezer by a much older male co-worked after she refused to "hang out" with him.

"He would touch me as I walked by and tried to kiss me hello on a few occasions, which I dodged," she wrote, according to The Independent. "When he explicitly asked me to 'hang out', I refused. He told me he’d wait for me in the parking lot after work. I left early that day. The next night, he locked me in a walk-in freezer until I would talk to him. I quit my job the next day."

Others wrote about being verbally assaulted after politely rejecting the advances of men.

"They aggressively hurled abuse at us, calling us 'sluts', and telling us we were all ‘ugly’ anyway," the anonymous individual recalls. "They sped up to drive on, at which point my friend disgustedly stuck her middle finger up at them as they drove off. They saw this, reversed, wound down their windows and threw fruit juice all over us."

"They sped off laughing, and we all stood there in fearful silence and abject disbelief at what had just happened," she added.

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