Video: Woman Having Diabetes Attack Handcuffed, Left On Ground By Police

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Troubling video footage from a police cruiser dashcam in Santa Fe, N.M., is making its way across the Internet today.

The footage was taken after a woman rear-ended a car in Santa Fe. Police deputies are seen walking up to the woman’s car that had just caused the accident, smashing her windows, dragging her on to the ground, handcuffing her and leaving her unattended.

The police report from the incident says officers believed the woman, Revina Garcia, was drunk at the time. But Garcia was not drunk  she was having a diabetes attack.

"I was just lost, I was just lost," Garcia said. "I just didn't know how to open the door.”

The police report says Garcia was only murmuring “I’m sorry” when asked by police why she wouldn’t comply with their requests. After seeing how disoriented Garcia was, officers assumed she must have been drunk.

Garcia took her story to the news because she believes officers need more training on recognizing medical emergencies. She says the insulin pump clipped to her waistband should have given officers a clue as to what was going on.

“I'm surprised I didn't go into a coma in the back of that police car,” Garcia said. “Most people if their blood sugars are in the 20s are comatose. If there's education this wouldn't happen."

Santa Fe Sheriff Robert Garcia said his department will review what went wrong during the incident.

“In this case there was no resistance,” he said. “We are looking at that very seriously. What concerns me is there is no need to lay someone on the ground for that amount of time. There were other deputies around that could have assisted in at least sitting her up or having her placed in a cruiser.”

Here is the dashcam footage from the incident:

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail

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