Video: Handcuffed Teen Lamon Haslip Shot While in Police Custody

| by Michael Allen

The family of Lamon Haslip, who was recently killed by police, claimed that the unarmed teen was shot after he was handcuffed by a deputy in Moreno Valley, California (video below).

Police are claiming that Haslip was armed when he was shot on Friday, reports NBC Los Angeles.

Haslip, 18, jumped out of a car and ran after police tried to pull the vehicle over. A deputy caught and handcuffed him, but seconds later another deputy claimed that Haslip had a gun and shot him, reports The Press-Enterprise.

The driver of the car could not be found, but was described as a heavy male adult with a shaved head and facial hair wearing dark clothing.

Britney Haynes, who witnessed the incident, told NBC Los Angeles: "He didn’t move, he wasn’t screaming. He was handcuffed.”