Teammates Testify: Vanderbilt Football Player Reportedly Encouraged Friends To Rape, Urinate On His Unconscious Girlfriend

| by Tony Tran

Two Vanderbilt football players are standing trial for the June 2013 rape a 21-year-old girl. They allegedly slapped and urinated on her while her boyfriend encouraged the actions as she remained unconscious.

According to the Daily Mail, on Tuesday, 20-year-old Jaborian “Tip” McKenzie took to the stand in Nashville, Tennessee, to testify in the rape trial of his former teammates Brandon Vandenburg, age 21, and Cory Batey, age 20.

McKenzie also stands accused of raping the girl -- who was Vandenburg’s girlfriend at the time of the incident -- but asserts that he did not touch her. He hopes to get a lighter sentence for testifying against his former teammates. He and another man, Brandon Banks, age 20, await trial.

McKenzie described in detail how after a night of heavy drinking at two different parties, himself, Batey, and Banks entered a dorm where they ran into Vandenburg and his girlfriend, who was unconscious.

(Brandon Vandenburg)

The two had been on a date earlier in the evening when the girl passed out due to heavy drinking in the car on the way back to campus.

McKenzie says that when they took the woman into Vandenburg’s dorm room, he watched as Batey assaulted her. Vandenburg, who was high on cocaine at the time, began to "coach" him through the act, telling him what to do to his unconscious girlfriend.

(Cory Batey)

“To my knowledge, [Vandenburg] knew what he was doing,” McKenzie told the court.

As prosecutors played a video taken of the incident, McKenzie dropped his head to his chest.

(Jaborian "Tip" McKenzie)

Although he claims to have never touched her, McKenzie can be heard laughing on the video and also admitted to taking condoms that were passed around the room and even took a photo of the girl.

After McKenzie’s testimony, Vandenburg’s former roommate Mack Prioleau took to the stand.

He claims that throughout the incident, he had been trying to sleep and ignore what was happening in the room.

“I was trying to sleep, trying to do whatever I could to block it out of my mind,” he told the jury. “After it quieted down, I looked down and saw the female on the bed below me.”

Scared and confused, Prioleau left the room to stay the night with a friend. He admits he only told one friend about the incident saying: “At the time I was scared and uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to do.”

(Mack Prioleau)

The following day, the group met and agreed to “hide the bad thing” that they did the night of the incident.

However, they did not account for the building’s surveillance footage which prompted the investigation after the school looked into a vandalism case.

“Vandenburg and Batey are being tried on five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. Vandenberg is also charged with one count of tampering with evidence and one count of unlawful photography,” says the Daily Mail.

All of the defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Sources: The Daily Mail Photo Credit: Black Sports Online