Typo Lets Felon Walk Free Just Months Into His Prison Sentence

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A typo on a court document let a criminal walk free this week after serving just a fraction of his prison sentence.

Earlier this year, Isiah Spencer was sentenced to 33 months in prison for brutally beating his girlfriend. The assault was so severe that the woman was left temporarily paralyzed and needed her spleen removed.

But somewhere in the legal process, a court official forgot to type a second “3” when writing Spencer’s scheduled jail time, and a 33 month sentence turned into a three month sentence. Spencer walked free earlier this week, and Louisiana officials still cannot find him.

WWLTV reports that this is the second time this week a prisoner has been released early because of a typo.

Mary Claire Landry of the Family Justice Center spoke this week on the court’s dangerous mistake.

“This would be enough to scare anybody,” Landry said. “It’s a horrendous error…She thinks she's gonna be safe for 33 months. She agreed to that, you know? We just have to make sure these kinds of errors don't happen in the future.”

Police offered the woman victim protection services until Spencer is detained again.

Last week, habitual offender Anthony Martin, 53, was released from prison early on a similar error. Unlike Spencer, Martin turned himself in the next day.

Sources: WWLTV, Inquisitr

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